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Default Re: Girl help (orgasms)

girls do orgasm almost as easily as guys. and as often. just not usually during penetrative sex. it usually happens from clitoral stimulation, and for some reason its easier when a girl is masterbating herself than when a male partner is doing it. I guess its a self awareness thing. an orgasm for a man is split second and then it is over, but you want it to happen again and keep going, but you only have a certain amount before you just cant do it for a few hours. a womans orgasm is a bit more difficult to reach but lasts longer, usually between 11 seconds and a minute. its a feeling of absolute pleasure, euphorea even. physically the muscles in the womans vagina contract in waves and the good feeling flows through her body. lots of things happen mentally and emotionally.

p.s. a woman can have an almost infinite number of orgasms in a single session without much need for cool down time like a man.
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