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Default Re: Where to start :(

Originally Posted by TheWizard
I still feel super depressed. I try to post happy posts to conceal my depression so no one knows how much I hurt inside. Life doesn't seem worth it.
Hun i'm sorry it took me so long to respond I didnt even see that anyone had posted in here I never had a new message alert

Josh you are not just a screen name, you are among the bravest i've ever met. You go through allot everyday, yet you manage to deal with it so incredibly well. You always hold your head up high, you always try no matter the odds (member when they said VT would never be a success).

YOu do allot Josh and although me and you have had our squirmishes in the past I still know that your a great guy
You give without any thought of reward
you help without concern for yourself

You have a very big heart my friend
You and this site that you created have helped me a great deal and i will NEVER forget that
you have created a link a way for me to reach out and talk

I'm sorry your depressed hun
you aren't nothing
you matter a great deal
Your one of the very few people on this site that actually reads all the posts
you really do care about us and I assure you hun we care about you

If you need to talk to someone
if you need a shoulder to lean on
I will always be here


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