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Default Re: Mc. Donalds. A killer?

I just read that, yeah I've heard about a lot of it on the news but it's CRAZY if you ask me, lol..well I hope YOU'RE getting a piece of the action

Originally Posted by *}Whisper{*
minimum wadge here is 7$ an hour but NOBODY in Northern Alberta would DARE pay that low they would have quite literally zero workers and the company would go out of bussiness

theres kids 19-20yrs old making $10,000 a week here
getting aproved for $300,000.00 morgages
driving trucks worth 50-60grand paid for

and they've found kimberlite to
that means theres a good chance of diamonds

the oil combined with severe cut backs in the 90's means albertas is the only dept free province/territory in Canada
We have no PST so while everyone else in canada pays a total of like 13% tax on everything they buy in alberta its like 6% here because we only have GST

we have a few billion in the bank cash

last year every man, woman and child living in Alberta got 400$ and sum dollars from the government tax free

and last year we handed over 1billion cash to British Columbia inorder to help combat the pine bettle which is destroying there lumber industry and threatening ours

were so short of workers companys are going over to provinces like newfound land and paying for them to fly to alberta to work making allot of money and then the company pays for them to fly back for there days off befor flying them back over

Alberta is injecting millions of dollars every month into Altlantic Canadas economy
which they really need..

the only thing in alberta thats gone up in price really is housing
its become fucking retarted because so many people are flooding in
over 25,000 in the last three months of 2005 alone everywhere else canada wide noted a drop in population where as Albertas pop is skyrocketing

and i garuntee you if you come to northern alberta you will not find a hotel room unless you book months in advance theres allot of companys that rent out entire hotels 24/7, 365 even if some rooms are vacant they need the assurance that if necessary they will have a hotel room

allot of companys here will hire you on the spot and then THEY will pay for the education of YOUR choice YOU tell THEM what you want to do and they pay for it
then you sign a contract saying you will work for them for a minimum of 2yrs (which is nothing) all the while getting paid a large amount of money, were so short of workers they cant afford to tell you to come back when you have a university degree or are a trained trade person.

Albertas economy is on FIRE
and everyone is getting a piece
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