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Default Re: an Untitled story by my friend Catie and I

A long moment of suspense. I thought the Bum would tell us, but he just kinda stopped.
"Well, what was it?" Fin asked impatiently.
"Eh? Oh, righ'…well, ya hafta understand…Vollmer be powerful enough to make his own Dumaniz. Ye aren't not the only ones of ye're kind…there be others, not as powerful. But they be created, as you two," he said, motioning to Shamus and me.
"So then what about us?" Iris asked.
"You be born. Ye ain't created, but born with the power. Strong it be, aye, but stronger can these two be." He talked like Yoda.
"Wait, we CAN be stronger?" Shamus asked.
Loooooong pause.
"Aye…ye be built to be strong. Ye be created for a purpose. Ye hold the choice...whether ye want to help with yer powers, or destroy be yer own choice."
"But then why did he kidnap the others!?" I asked.
"He takes wot 'e can use, and they'd be available," he replied.
"Yeah, available has a lot to do with it," Fin muttered, "They were kidnapped, you idiot! They didn't CHOOSE to go! I've been there before. You don't choose to go to a place like that."
I nodded in agreement.
"Well, that be what I have ta say, and if you don't be agreeable, ye can leave!" the Bum said, taking another swig of the booze as Fin turned away, glaring. Without another word, he strode off angrily.

Muttering, Iris went and followed Fin. The Bum was pillaging through a pile of rubbish and tattered cloth, also muttering. I cleared my throat awkwardly and shuffled my feet. Well what was I supposed to do?
Iris came back, shaking her head. “Fin’s gone. He took the motorcycle. What a friggin’ baby,” she scoffed angrily and plopped down.
I groaned, sitting next to Iris, who, despite the running around and fighting, still smelled like flowers and honey… Ahem, so I said, “Great, that means we’re stuck here!” Ro sighed, sitting on the other side of Iris.
The Bum had pulled a manila folder filled with documents out of the pile of rubbish, and coughing like a big fly carrying a lit cigarette was stuck in his throat, he pulled out a medical record.
“You might not like wot I’m ‘bout to tell you,” the Bum said. “But you Dumaniz folk were freaks before birth.”
“Wha?” I stammered.
“Says ‘ere,” explained the Bum. He half-sat, half-fell down, and flipped through some records. “Your parents’ doctors were workin’ for Vollmer. Durin’ routine check-ups, they’d say they needed to hold ‘em overnight, and that’s when they’d go in and… well, wonkify the fetus, or should I say, you lot, if you catch me drift.” Wonky was secretly one of my favorite words…
But hold on a minute. I was a freak since I was a baby?
“Wait a minute, if I were mutated since birth, but I only got my powers this week, then-“ I asked, but then there was a screech of tires and some gunshots.
Iris leapt off of the pavement, grabbing me and pulling off the cover of a manhole. Ro followed us, whispering a curse. “Watch yer-“ I said, but Iris had yanked me down into a sewer. I couldn’t help how odd it was how the government had made this rip between dimensions look like a city to the “t”. Down the grubby ladder we shimmeyed. It was your everyday sewer system, muck, filthy water mixed with sewery types of muck, rats, the whole shebang. Iris seemed to be terrified of the rats.
“What happens to the Bum?” Ro whispered.
“I think he has an escape route through another part of the sewers,” Iris whispered frantically, staring at a rat poking his way toward us.
Machine guns rat-a-tat-tatted above us. We couldn’t hear anyone getting shot. Then, voices. Discussing options. A bit frantic. Threats to shove their foot up each other’s-
Hushing noises. Oh no. Iris and Ro sensed it too. We could feel their gaze penetrating through the manhole cover and the pavement, down at us, grasping the grubby ladder, silently shooing rats. Now we had to stay still. The splashing noises we made when trying to kick the rats away might have been heard in open, good-smelling, clean, dry air.
Their voices were picking up louder again. This was pretty confusing. Suddenly Iris lost it. It was trying to climb up her leg. She squealed, and I cussed.
“Hey!” a large, stupid-sounding Vollmer henchman exclaimed. The manhole cover opened and, literally and metaphorically, we saw the light… we was gon’ die!
A bearded, tattooed, and by the looks of it, heavily drugged henchman grinned wickedly and dropped a grenade into the manhole.
“Run!” I warned redundantly. We pelted opposite ways down the sewer tunnel; Iris and Ro pelting to the right, I to the left. So the grenade went BAM and Iris, Ro and I dramatically fell over, and you probably know what happened, I mean, you watch movies, right?
I pushed myself up, my clothes turned green from the disgusting sewage. The henchman jumped in, drawing Katana swords. My first combat! I felt like I could soil myself at the spot. Thinking quick, I knocked the (thankfully iron) manhole cover against the back of one guy’s knees, hard as my mind could make it. The other guy I smacked in the face with. He was down. The first guy was getting up, so I smacked him in the face. The other guy was charging at me, his Katana ready to slice me to fish sticks.
I really didn’t ever think about killing anybody, but before I could stop myself, I pulled the sword out, flipped it around and sent it straight back, at his face, impaling him through his right eye. (Note: While all this was happening, 3 more guys had started chasing Iris.)
My knees started buckling. The green sewage water ran a bit red… I felt like I was going to barf, but I had to see how Iris and Ro were holding up. I seriously almost just fainted when I had to step over the body, but then I was just wading-running through the damp bowels seemingly from Hell.

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