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Default Re: The New Diary Request Forum

Originally Posted by Jess View Post
name - Jess is in a Mess
description - you will get to know me better and find out what's going on in my world
owners - Jess (me)
Originally Posted by WAM_nick View Post
NAME - RnJ Avenue

DESCRIPTION - Just like the bustling streets of New York, this avenue has everything. Novelty stores, Rock bands, Stand-up comedy bars, 5-star restaurants, Luxury suites and Clothing Boutiques, you name it! So enjoy your day on sunny RnJ.

OWNER - WAM_nick
CO-OWNERS -Jimy, Ryanlol

Originally Posted by Marcie View Post
Name-"All Been Said Before"
Description- "We all know that at some point or another everything has been said. Just like everyone else, this is a place you can vent/ask for help and talk about pretty much anything "
Originally Posted by HillBillyWilly View Post
Name: How I keep myself Ticking and Tocking

Description: Myself and I, rambling away.

It doesn't matter which mods you give the board.
Originally Posted by Deadly-Dreamer-X View Post
Name: The Decry of Dreamers

Description: The serene and tranquil sanctuary of a Dreamer. Welcome, to those who broke the chains of reality. The escapist's path is always open for you.

Owner - Me
Updated waiting list.

So if you care to find me, look to the western sky.
As someone told me lately, everyone deserves a chance to fly.

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