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Default Re: Suggestion for a new forum

Originally Posted by Ravenous
What would we put in it?
Originally Posted by Ravenous
Anyways it has been brought up so many times, and weve never got further than making a writing team I think. Is it really going to happen, and is it necessary?
I was on the last one
Sarah and I were writers and jazbo was the editor

Jaz left a few weeks after
And nobody ever told us what to write
We’d ask and they'd be like I don’t know
then I signed on one day and the forum was even gone so I waited a few days and still I was a mod (with no forum) so I asked my man Francis to take my mod face away and dropped my post count cause at the time nobody had a green face really so it made me really stick out n I didn’t like that

That’s what happened to the last one

I used to have to write essays, reports and articles all the time I had fun doing it for awhile like when my mum had the writing business (she’s a professional writer) I’d write to the Edmonton Journal or the Edmonton Sun and they'd print it in a tiny area on like page 1000,000,000
can't be bothered to anymore though


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