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Originally Posted by AAA3
A couple of people a couple of days ago we were showering at the YMCA (naked) and we all looked at eachother. At my friends house at a sleepover (me him and 2 of are friends) we were watching porn in our boxers and my one friend (I thinks hes gay) started masturbating in frontof us then we all started and his mom she came down to check on us and she ran back up crying.
Holy crap 0_0 Do you know hwy she started crying? (besides the fact htat you all were j/oing together)

1. my exbest friend when i got out the shower-he tried it on with me and i said NO.
2. my cousin(who is 5years younger then me) when i was getting changed, who seemed amased at the size LOL
3. my running partner and i often have a shower at his house after a run and clean each others backs.
4. Many of the people in the years below me at school often look when im having a piss but i dont care.
5. Everyone in the changing room at my gym.
6. A few weeks back after a charity run me and my running partner had a shower in the lower school (the only shower in the school) and a load off 8year olds came in as we where drying off. The funny thing is my running friend is called Will and the kids where laughing because i was calling him Willy
No ownder you have no shame. So many darned people seen your stuff that you probably don't care 0_0
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