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Default Re: What does she want?

Originally Posted by mr_smite1
well if you feel ready for the "deed" (hehe) and you are positive she is, then i suggest you go 4 it! The phone calls sound interesting aswell as the txts. And the hot tub thing just sounds like a real invitation I am confused about the feelin ready part. If its 2 break up then think about it carefully. If it is about losing "it" then also think about is hard. Remember that you will remember this girl for the rest of your life.
O wat i meant by ready was ready to go all the way with her. I couldn't dump her i love her too much!

The hot tub came on Friday and on the Saturday morning she txt me to ask me out to dinner with her parents for the first time and that afterwards we could go in the hot tub. So i rang her up 2sort out details and her step Dad picked me up later. We got to the Restaurant and had a pint wile waiting for her and her mum. We where all feeling a bit down because my Dad might be in the nick and her dad is in hospital dieing slowly but we did our best to have a nice meal and then went back to their place.

We all got in the hot tub (yes her parents aswell) and watched the football match and had a laugh squirting each other with the squirty toy fish LOL. When the match had finished and we had a bit of a chat, her parents got out, after her Mum said to her step Dad ''com on lets giv them some space for a bit'' and left me and my girl too it.

I decided to move a bit closer too her and she smiled(we where both still feeling a bit depressed), so i put my left arm round her and she held my hand and i put my right hand on the back of her upper right leg and we sat like that for a while, we had soft music in the background and the tub lit up different colours. I got caught up in the moment so i started kissing her back, neck and shoulder. i didnt seem to get any response from her except a smile, so i looked at her in the eye and said are you ok, she said yea im just tierd and she kissed me, then we lay back for a while and i noticed her Mum looking through a window at us, i dont know if my girl noticed tho. I looked at her in the eye and i saw she was looking into the water but i couldnt think what at. Then i realised i was semi errect and i didnt know how she felt about it coz she just kept looking, i couldnt tell if her expression was nervous/scared or i want some. So i whispered to her in her ear ''I love you'' to remind her that i care and that i wasnt gonna take advantage. So she put her mouth to my ear and whispered back ''I love you too'' and kissed my face and moved to my mouth and i kissed back.

We where both starting to prune (and it was showing on me, if you know what i mean) so she got out and i said pass me my towel will you so she did. We got changed(in seperate rooms) and i met her in the lounge, we put the Tv back and watched some, then her step dad drove me home. Me and her where in the back together and she held my hand and we talked about films we gonna go see. We eventualy got too my house, so i leant towards her and she lent to me and she lunged in for the kiss and we reluctantly let go off each others hand.

Anyways next day (today/Sunday) i text her at 12ish and i not got a reply yet, she has got an exam the next day but usualy that doesnt make any difference. Its driving me mad, id text again but i dont wanna seem desperate, is she trying to make me want her more? (its not working) Should i be worried?
I will text her in the morning to wish her good luck with the exam but im just a bit pissed off that she doesnt reply for a whole day especially after our romantic episode the night before. She is my first girlfriend and the only person i have ever made such a strong mental connection with, she said she feels the same connection and that she has not felt like this before, eventhough she has been out with 4other guys, one of whom she loved.

What should i think she is thinking and what should i do? I love her but she drives me crazy at times like this and i do try to make allowances with her Dad being at deaths door.
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