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Default Re: Post your desktop screenshot!

Originally Posted by Kiros72
From the looks of it, I'd say Stardock's DesktopX. Might be wrong though....

Originally Posted by Kasabian
I think William might be using the Longhorn Transformatin Pack, but I don't know.

I never use any nonfree software for skinning. I used the Vista Transformation Pack on my Desktop just to see how it looked, but this isn't using that.

It's using:

1.) Patch UXtheme.dll by running this patch (Allows you to run visual styles not made by Microsoft):


2.) This Theme:

Run the patch, then let it reboot, and extract the files in the theme to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\ Directory, and then double click on the "VistaXP.msstyles" file which should then be in the "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\VistaXP\" folder, and it should bring up the dialog for changing the themes.

- Bill

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