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Default Re: Why me?! Disney Cruise nightmare...

put it this way: you saw a girl and you know you can meet her, and at least be with her with her a week (ie. a cruise ), and you def LOVE her, but you are just too shy to even talk to her... then, it comes the last moment where you can see her, and you STILL havent talked to her... you should at least ask her phone number, right!? but you dont do it... then you realize you were the stupidest person in the world for not asking her, andyou insanely look her all over the internet... you finally find something, but you are not sure if its her phone or not... you call it, but everytime you call, the message thing comes... I, being myself, would wait till someone answers, and ask if theres any betsey lives there... what would YOU do!? just leave a message knowing you love her (again, insanelly) or call and call and call..........?? what would anyone do!?


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