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Default Re: bann on public smoking

Originally Posted by Kasabian
I remember in super size me some doctor whose name I don't remember brought up a very good point. People hastle smokers all the time because it's filthy and dangerous and whatever. Why don't you go up to fat people and tell them the same thing? You wouldn't would you? Obesity, for example, is equally, if not more dangerous than smoking.

As for public smoking nobody is forcing you to drink at a pub or eat at a resteraunt. If you don't like the smoke there then call it a bad resteraunt and don't go there. And whats so bad about some smell anyway? Is an odour going to kill you? No.

And why is it disgusting? Smoke comes from fire and tobacco is a naturally occurring substance, just like trees. As for the chemicals, tell me this: have you ever eaten at McDonalds? Have you every drunk a Coke or a Gatorade? Have you ever eaten chocolate? They have just as many chemicals in them as cigarettes.

Of course, I agree to drawing the line at some point. For example, I don't think that they should let people light up on the bus or on the tube or even the cinema somewhere, people need those places to go to work or have fun. There are no alternatives. And once they're at work they shouldn't be allowed to smoke either (unless they have their own office or somewhere cut off) because people have to go to work to make a living and to buy food and water. But how many people can honestly say that they have to go through the pub to get to work? And the barstaff? I can't speak for you blokes in the USA but here in the UK 90% of barstaff said they don't mind smoke at all.

It's not fair that anybody can tell me I can't light a fag in a public place. For one thing, if it's out in the open, what's going to happen? Even if by some freak second-hand smoke is dangerous then why can't I smoke in the park? Because cigarettes make me smell bad? Why don't you go and tell joggers that they don't have the right to sweat? After all they smell too.
As much as I hate smoking. Felix is right. If you don't like smoke , go away. It's kinda like the saying. "If you don't wanna get wet, stay away from the pool" Another thing It's not just cigarettes and cigars that cause lung cancer..... it could be inhalants, poisonous chemicals, smoke from wild fires. Should we call mother nature and tell her to stop wild fires. NO!!! we might cause wild fires. but some are caused by heat which we can't control. What gives you the power to go up to a smoker and tell them that they are disgusting, but you don't have the nerve to go up to an overweight person and tell them their fat??? Smoking is a part of a person, just as being over weight is.

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