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Default Re: The world is playing a crule joke on me

Well It's all over now. She came here and then left for Alemo. I followed three days later, Stayed for 7-8 hours and then left.
While she was here she was pretty quite. When they left i hadent even said 3 words to her, but when we went up to Alemo the story changed.

She was nice. I was happy and we got a little bit closer then we should have. Nothing happened, but we still got closer then we probably should have. Now my mother's all upset because she thinks we should have been a little more descreat. Now if your readdy for comody get this. You want to know who the most upset one in that house was. TARA my cousin. like she had the right to get mad. Well i guess it was fun, but i think we both know that it was just a flirt thing. Just to have fun while were together because we would never see eachother again.

So i guess in the end the jokes on me.

I hate these stupid things
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