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Lightbulb Re: My autobiography...(PRETTY LONG)

Originally Posted by marine_sniperman35
Good. The Sped (special ed) classes, i agree those kids are morons. The smartest girl in my school has an IQ of 120....shes 14. i have one of u. She was put in a sped class cuz she was goth. not hardcore goth...but the way she thought...was goth.
You mistook my statement about IQ. I believe I referred to it as being in "the 98th percentile". For example, a score equal to or greater than 98 percent of those attained on a particular test is said to be in the 98th percentile. While an IQ score of 100 is considered the average, that would make it the 50th percentile. An IQ score of 98, while well within normality would equate roughly to the 45th percentile. That said, an IQ in the 98th percentile would fall in at approximately 131-132 when expressed numerically. However, I am a strong believer that such tests are over-rated, and it's hardly fair to attempt to quantify a person's mental value. In my personal experience, any time you deviate from an average, either's not necessarily a good thing. Just as people with 'low IQ" scores are handicapped in terms of comprehension and analysis, many people with "high IQ" scores have equal difficulty, just with different things...those being primarily social and interpersonal skills. I hope I was able to clarify the situation about the "98", and I also hope I didn't bore you with my drivel. Take care...
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