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Lightbulb Re: Bugging me for a while

Ok, how about this:

(1) Introductions
(2) The VT Daily Cronicle
(3) The White Padded Room
(4) Tech Junky's Paradise
(5) Creative Writing
(6) Puberty For the Mentall Ill
(7) Debate
(8) Relationships
(9) The 4th Wall

The way I look at it, Introductions is the first thing that we should have. Everyone should be able to get to know people there and let people know them. Since there are (on average from the past week) 3-5 newcomers everyday, I figure new posts will show up daily.
Next, The VT Daily Cronicle will keep everyone current about outside information and discussion, so it should go second.
Then The White Padded Room comes third, as it's basically a high-traffic forum as is and everyone needs to vent once in a while.
Forth, Tech Junky's Paradise will stand as it's a pretty popular forum and everyone uses a computer and internet to get on this site =P
Fifth, Creative Writing should go because it's works can inspire everyone and it should go between a couple popular forums so it can get more attention.
Next, the big one: Puberty For the Mentally Ill. Being in the middle of everything, I think this will still get loads of attention both from new members and 'veterans' alike, but in this position, new comers will actually have to read a few forum names (and might become interested in them) before they reach this forum.
Debate... well... Not much to be said about this, but it's an important forum, so right under the most popular will do.
Relationships, as eighth, is at a random spot!
The 4th Wall: music, media, fun, right? Easily found at the bottom! I guess it's not always a favorable spot, but some forum as to be at the bottom -_-

Good? Bad? Ugly? Give your thoughts people! =P

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