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Default Re: getting ur period

im 18, i used 2 get my period regurarly (it started when i was 10). i know i don't have any stds cus im still a virgin.... so its definetly cus of my bulimia. i remember i started binging/purging cus i didnt wanna b fat, then i started doing it jus bcus it made feel better if iwas sad or angry, now i jus do it 3 times a day because its become a habit. i cant even remember what it feels like NOT being buimic. i tried the whole counsler thing but it didnt work she jus got on my nerves( when i told her that my mom's an alcoholic she told me that it was my word against my mom and that she couldnt jus choose 1 side. hello!!!! if ur MY counsler shouldnt u trust me? how am i supposed trust u 2 help me if u dont even believe me? plus she didnt even know anything bout bulimia) so yeah that was bout a year ago.. and i never wanna c a counsler again, but i dont wanna live the rest of my life like this. i jus wish there was a way i could b thin and b able 2 eat normally. im so scared right now cus july 4th im going 2 visit my family in italy and last summer they made me gain 20 pounds, i love it in italy but i was counting the days till i came back here jus so i could purge everything and b thin again.
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