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Default Re: My autobiography...(PRETTY LONG)

Originally Posted by Ryan_J
In grade 7 and 8, I began seeing a series of psychologists, and behavioural disorder specialists. Eventually, I was diagnosed with ADD, Bipolar disorder, OCD and a minor case of Tourette's. The specialists called me "the most complex case we've seen". I was prescribed an ever-changing cocktail of drugs, from ritalin to prozac, to zoloft, to paxil, to effexor, to a bunch of other less-knowns. Of course, I'm still on a little pharmaceutical cocktail, though it's greatly evolved from those days.

My father and I don't get along. Not since day one when he wanted me chopped. He regularly makes it clear how he feels about faggots, queers and homo's. This said, I'm not "out" at home. I keep that part of me away from my family, simply as a strategic choice. I need them at this point in my life, and it's easier for me if I conform to what they see as normal. It's hardly even difficult to put on the charade.
I liked your autobiography. I don't see why you couldn't be nice, honestly. And the glasses in the shoe thing --- even though that might be considered bullying, technically you really didn't "do" it. He stepped on them! haha...good thinking!

In grade 7 is when I started going to counseling. Though I've never been on one than more med, I've quit taking them altogether now.

My dad is the same way. I have to act like my family though for real I have no problem with people who are gay/lesbian/bi. I don't necessarily act like they do which makes them wonder...

The charade really isn't hard here, either.

So you've had a different life then a lotta other kids in school? Doesnt make u a bad person..i know how u feel about excelling academically, but not socially, and then hitting seventh grade and school = shit.

Welcome to VT!!
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