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Default Re: Pc vs. Mac

Yep, Kevin, that's pretty much the jist of it - from a stock-installation anyway. From what I've heard, a Mac comes with all that artistic software installed on it before you buy it. With PC, you actually have to install something that you want... Interesting.

I love how Mac owners swear by their machine.. If they didn't, it would be hypocritical, so every single Mac owner has to love it - it's an implied law.

Though I do enjoy laughing at the propaganda that Apple is putting out

"We both run Microsoft Office"

o.o I wonder who let's a Mac run Microsoft Office... Let me think...

"We share files; it's great!"

Were you honestly expecting not to? Both are powerful and flexible machines; am I wrong? O_o

"Oh what... Macs don't have to . . ."

Crash? Reboot? Heavens no, because no one bothers scripting malicious code for Macs - most people these days don't like wasting their time.

"Yeah, and he knows I'm better at life stuff, like music, pictures, movies; stuff like that"

Mmmm... I really love how they use incredibly opinionated information here. Heh, I love what comes up even more

"By better, I mean making a website or photobook is easy for me but for you... it's not."

Come again? There are just as many, if not more web development programs for PC and there are for Mac - including other software like photobook-makers, paint shops, and music applications.

"You should check out iMovie, iPhoto, iWeb because they all work like iTunes."

What? They run? No way! And on a Mac too! Wow... never would have thought... I could say the same thing for a PC... 'Oh yeah, you should check out Notepad, Windows Firewall, Disk Management, RunDLL, Crypt32, Paint Shop Pro, Solitare, UT2004, Explorer, Disk Defragmenter, Group Policy Editor, Registry Editor, System Restore, Internet Explorer, Windows Messenger, Movie Maker, Remote Desktop because they all work like the Help and Support Center!'

"Well I... I have some very cool apps that are bundled with... with me."
"Well like what do ya... what do ya got?"
"That's cool... Anything else?"

I believe I made my point in the previous note... If you can't find anything more than the Calculator and Clock, then there's something wrong with your intenlligence... My best advice: seek immediate medical attention.

"Everything just kinda works with a Mac."

Ah, so if I type "tree" into Mac's console (?) then it will bring up a list of files in the current directory, right? Wait... What? No?
Come on Apple... Could you try to make some sense here? Even non-computer-literate people could figure out that everything does not work with just one operating system. Though I guess that qualifier "kinda" is suppose to mean "doesn't always" ...

"Apparently, you're the finest desktop PC on the market at any price."

Ah yes, so a $30,000 pricetag justifies it's quality? Heh, but I love how in this commercial, Apple is trying to lead others into thinking that the PC (Windows) has not had better opinions about it. The fact is, when you have such a bad reputation, you really need to let everyone know that one company likes you.

I could go on, but I don't want to have QuickTime keep reloading on my computer, because once it runs once, it's too late - added to your startup list and you can't get it off unless you delete the entry manually. Isn't the Apple company so nice... Not giving users a choice whether their applicaitons start up or not. You know what they said, the company comes first, and then the people... Eh, maybe it's only Apple that says that.
Ah crap... I've already let QuickTime run, so that means it's already added to my startup list Well, I'm going to have to cut this short anyway due to my off sleep schedule.

Honestly, though, Macs are great. I would love to have one because they are friendly in most cases. Though in no way are they actually better than Windows (PC). That's already obvious to most people. Apple has tried to fool some people though... And we all know the implied law: once you own a Mac, you have to love it. If you didn't, you would be a hypocrit, right?

Before these commercials came out, I really did not have a problem with Apple at all... That's changed though. I hate that company (or at least the marketing department) now more than I hate Microsoft for attempting to come into the game industry with the XBox. I mean... If you knew me in person, you would be surprised at how much I diss Microsoft while using their software. I love Windows, I just don't like the company that makes it (same goes for VC++ and C# and the .NET platform - love the product, not the developer).

I don't like those two college dropouts: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. If anything, they need to get married and merge the two companies, making one: MicrApp (and if you caught that, it's pronouced my-crap). Bah... Went off topic again... I like Macs; I like PCs (Windows PCs). I like Windows a tad more than Mac because of the compatibility, flexbility, and portability put into Windows. Also, I'm an AMD kinda guy, and seeing as how Macs only come in two flavors (PowerPC and Intel), I'm not buying one. If someone would give me one, I'd be happy. Though I'd be happy with another AMD PC

Though here, I have a treat for all of you! Here are some highlights of making the switch

Enjoy. Hope this post has been fulfilling for everyone

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