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Default a bad fucking night.

oh god i've had a bad night and i needed some where to vent

so me and my friend mary are ALWAYS together right? like always were pretty much ssiters, so tonite she goes to hang out with ehr otehr friend bcuz she promised she hang out, so she goes, and i'm really bored all night. my dad promised to take me somewhere but like usal he forgot and went to a partty and got home at 10.
so i get a call from mary at about 11 and shes drunk.
she got too drunk, threw up in coffe time and called my sister to help her and she's at my moms, spending the night, with no one there but my mom and her bf.
ok...for one, my house is closer to where mary was, why did she call my sister and not me?
and my mom, is the one who kicked me out of her house.
so i'm just really pissed that out of ALL fucking places, she goes to MY moms house.
she always pleads me to go stay there too, but i resent my mom for things mary doesn't understand and wasn't there for, and how could she go there behind my back?

on top of it all i have a migrane and my brothers really drunk and has like 15 people over (not to be labling but there gansters and...well yea) and there so fucking loud, they were suppsoe to be out of the hosue an hour ago and i can't even go into my own fucking kitchen w/o getting questioned or stared at.

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