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Default Re: What should I do?

This is what I always say if a guy calls me gay "You wish, then you'd have a chance with me, huh homo."-it sounds conceited, but it gets the job done. And if things start going down hill, and they attack you or whatever-kick their ass'.

EDIT:Leave it to me to be ignorant and not read the whole thread as usual. The kid killed himself? Sheesh, seems pretty set up to me. Things like that can happen though. People are rude, they're to ignorant and imature to understand how words can make people feel. It's kind of cheesy, but, some people can't tolerate that kind of shit. Some decide to kill themselves and others decide to kill others.

I think if I was in that position where I was pushed that far(which would require much much much more than being called gay)I would probably come to school with a gun. It wouldn't be fair to let them live after all

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