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Default Re: Windows Vista is PUBLIC!

I got to see Vista Beta 2 today, when I Went to a "technology fair" or whatever it was at Secant. Someone was demoing it and I got to mess with it. They've made it better, but I still hate some of the interface. Some of it just seems like they've made it harder then XP and before.

You can really see where they stole stuff, basically from OSx and Linux and incorporated it into the OS. I mean, most the visuals, the "Run As Administrator" where it asks you for your admin password on a limited user account, like linux, etc. I haven't gotten to extensively mess with it yet.

That's what I'll be doing tomorrow night, probably. I've got about 63% of the x86 edition downloaded, and 21 hrs left. I'm taking my laptop to work tomorrow to finish the download on a faster connection.

I already downloaded the ATI drivers for Beta 2. They're rediculous. Freaking 47 meg for the x86 and 87 meg compressed/127 decompressed for the Combo x86/x64 driver. Wow.

I plan to install Office 2007 Beta 2 as well. It looked pretty good.

One thing I did notice while messing with Vista today was that the screen just randomly blacked out and refreshed quite often. Sometimes even shutting the Themes off for a few seconds. Quite odd, but overall seems less buggy then the other releases. A LOT better then Build 5231 which is the last I tested.

There was a Microsoft Guy there showing it off, and he tried to show me some things, with playing a video and hitting ALT+Tab, or showing the preview by hovering the mouse over the program on the taskbar, and how it's supposed to be live video through those. And, the first time it didn't work and he was like "crap" and tried to fix it without us really seeing it. Hmm...

The MS Guy was like "Yeah, Beta 2 is stable enough to run as your main os [blah blah blah blah, etc]" and how it wasn't crashing.

Hahah, yeah... That's why when I opened up the "System Properties" page the 3rd time and it comes up saying "Page unable to be displayed" and wouldn't open up at all anymore. And, that's also why the screen kept blacking out and refreshing the entire screen, and reloading the Aero theme. If they would have actually taken the time to load the ATI drivers, the blackout thingy might not have been an issue, I dunno. But, I found the system properties thingy kind of funny.

Originally Posted by Kasabain
Hmmm... the installer is very, VERY delicate, which I find annoying. It has no way of resolving conflicts so, for example, if you enable one thing that depends on another then it won't work. If you look at the guide on then it's easy to resolve all the conflicts. I installed it perfecttly on my Celeron machine but my new CPU (AMD64)... well, let's just say that the installer doesn't like it very much. I had to install it manually... took 72 hours. As for Kororaa, I like it a lot, as a binary Gentoo installation has been needed for a long time but every time I try to install the 64-bit version I get a kernel panic. I might just install the 32-bit version the recompile all my packages and the kernel... which actually defeats the point of Kororaa.

Oh, and Gentoo isn'y optimised for any architecture. It optimised for whoever is installing it because it's source based.
Yeah, I'm not sure what the issue with the installer was. I've had it get like 70-80% done before, I believe with the same options I always set before it quit. Usually it just sits there not doing anything. It doesn't crash, it just doesn't do anything when I tell it to install. I always tell it to just basically copy the live cd content over, instead of a fresh install.

- Bill

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