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Default Re: An Inconvenient Truth

Originally Posted by *}Whisper{*
I dont understand that

if he had the majority of votes then wouldnt that make him president?..
and if he didnt get the majority of votes then obivously he wasent as liked at the time of the election as he is now..
In the united states, there is a "popular vote" and an "electoral vote." each state has its own number of electoral votes based on the population of that state. electoral votes are a certian number of votes that go to either the republican or democratic party based on which candidate won the "popular vote in that state." for example: Al Gore won the popular vote in california and other states. all his electoral votes added up to 268. george bush however had his electoral votes add to 272. this is why he won. but al gore still had more overall individual votes, he just didnt get them in the states that he needed them. i know its confusing.
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