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Default Re: friends penis size

1) IT'S IMPOSSIBLE! Of course it's possible. Why wouldn't it be? Anyways, it's not impossible that he's 6.7inches. That's just under six and a half inches long. I'm 5'6" and my penis is 6" long. My 13 y/o friend(almost 14) who is taller than me(5'7 1/2") only has a 5.5inch penis. If you're in the same general height as the other person penis size can varry largely. Ex: chances are someone who's 5foot isn't going to have a bigger dick than someone who's 6foot.. But, someone who's 5'10" could easily have a bigger monkey than that 6foot person.

2) You probably can't. Why do you care? He's like an inch longer than you. An inch isn't very much. If he isn't gay he'll be freaked out probably...

EDIT: WOW.. I just realized I've already replied to this thread before. Anyways.. That's weird... *Confused*

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