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Default Re: Suggestion for a new forum

Oh wow... I'm an idiot... Sorry about that Dante! I've been held up with hosting this stupid game server and I haven't logged into my actual Windows account in days (probably in the realm of at least a week). This means that I haven't seen my email... Really sorry about that, mate

Though, I'm for the idea. The White Padded Room has been overtaken with this kind of stuff... TWPR was meant to relieve stress and pretty much any other stress-related topic -- not news though... The 4th Wall was also not intended for news -- media yes, but news belongs on a different platform.

Seen as how the community is growing more and more everyday, and we have much better guidelines than ever before, I think we could open up the floor to a new forum. A treat to the community, if you will

I'm up for it

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