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Hello everyone...
My name is Miguel Rojas, I was borned in Caracas Venezuela, in november 1992... I lived in venezuela almost all my life. My mom and dad are divorced. My mom its Venezuelan, recently Italian resident, and my dad its spanish-american-venezuelan... my dad tried to make me american, but it took him a while because they wouldnt accept me, so when they finally accepted me, about a year later being american, I temporately moved to the states with my aunt, and i had to leave, almost all my family, all my friends, and people i knew. Had to leave my mom, which shoked me a little because i spent all my life with her... so I lived in america for one whole year, and it was a pretty good experience, even tho I couldnt actually go out with people (my aunt wouldnt let me, which was really stupid)... but that doesnt really matter, i had a great time there, and i had the opportunity that alot ot people dont... after the year there, i had to REmove to italy... because my mom was here, and that was the "plan" going to american one year, and come here to finish school.... so thats pretty much it... if you have any questions, post it... ill glad to answer...

Miguel Rojas

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