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Default Re: friends penis size

Originally Posted by RowanVer.3.0
Hmm... That would make the average female penis about how big...? I don't want my girlfriend to have a bigger penis than me Just messing with ya.

But yeah, he could be lying, he probably is just a bit. But yeah, you have to realize just because you're 5.5inches(that's around me, I vary from 5.5-5.8inches depending when I mesure)and that's near average adult male penis that there is bigger. Average doesn't mean highest, it means most common judged by all meterials.

So yeah, he may be that big. Who knows. It doesn't really matter anyways though. If you know how to use your tongue girls don't care how big your penis is :devious smile:
No one has mentioned that before: ''it depends when you measure'', it is true that you vary in size not including when you have a hard on because of blood flow, it is temperature, how much water you have in your blood and what hormones happen to be going through that region at the time, that effect your non errect penis size and as these things varry through out a day so does your size!
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