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Originally Posted by ILoveAnnCoulter
As you can see by my screenname, I am a fan of hers. I would suggest looking at her site to get a feel of who she is.
i'm a liberal (democrat). i've "gotten a feel" of ann coulter on the today show. if she was any meaner she would be a nazi. her political views are completley irrational and arrogant. she (just like most republicans) just says things that she beleives are right, and doesnt support them with facts or evidence. she is offenceful and just stone cold mean. it put a smile on my face when she was booed out of rockerfeller plaza. and btw, her new book is completley fallicious, liberals are NOT the anti-christ, jersey women didnt want their husbands to die, gay marrige and stem-cell research should be allowed and the US should still be ruled by the constitution, not by the bible! republicans dont seem to understand that though, they are too busy shooting hunting partners or passing crazy-ass laws to up their approval rating. what they dont seem to realize is that their approval rating is at 29%, and what they are currently doing isnt working, and that maybe they need to change their views. republicans need to get their heads out of their asses, stop blaming democrats for their problems, step up to the plate and take some responsiblity if they want to continue governing this country!

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