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Default Re: getting ur period

Originally Posted by alissa123
k i havent had my period since nov. 04 ive been suffering from bulimia since summer 04. i got as low as 100 pounds then i went 2 visit my aunt and grandma 4 a month and got up 2 120 but my period still didn't come back.
im now bout 110 but i was wondering if there is any way 2 get it back cus i gained weight and it still didn't come back. any advice?
When people get anorexia, their period stops and the majority does come back in time. Some peoples periods take as much as three years to come back so maybe it has somethng to do with that. You said you suffered from bulimia which could have made you gain less weight than intended but I personally feel the period problem is not something to worry about. If this problem persists for longer than three years, maybe you should see a doc to see if they have any advice or information. If you still have bulimia...i feel you should stop as some people suffer dramatcically from that and can even end up in hospital from severe cases. I hope your problem is solved
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