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Default Re: Why me?! Disney Cruise nightmare...

Yep, well we got in this fight about it and he blocked me, then unblocked me and we got in another fight. All I have is part of the second fight, so it's cut off at the beginning, sorry. I'm fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj and he's Osbourne529. I don't expect you to read all of it, but read some just to get a since of what he's saying. He's pissing me off.

Osbourne529: hes not stupid
Osbourne529: swimmerzak: is it about betsey?
Osbourne529: he guesse
Osbourne529: guessed
Osbourne529: the profile thing
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: dont tell him
Osbourne529: i wont
Osbourne529: but hes not dumb
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: great
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: but dont tell him
Osbourne529: can i let him read it
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: no
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: you know rosner
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: he takes things waaaay to far
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: i will never hear the end of it
Osbourne529: he takes things waaaay to far
Osbourne529: there
Osbourne529: u just controdicted urself
Osbourne529: u took a few hours of talking to a girl and made an explosion out of it
Osbourne529: ok
Osbourne529: just listen
Osbourne529: i know alot about chasing ppl away
Osbourne529: LISTEN
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: your making the explosion out of it
Osbourne529: DONT SPEAK
Osbourne529: OK
Osbourne529: GOD DAMNIT ZACH
Osbourne529: listen....
Osbourne529: u r obsessing wether u can see it or not
Osbourne529: searching the web
Osbourne529: jeez
Osbourne529: and answer this
Osbourne529: u ready
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: sure
Osbourne529: this isnt it
Osbourne529: hold on
Osbourne529: swimmerzak: just tell me! i wont tell anyone, i just have to satisfy an itch
swimmerzak: i have no reason to tell ne1
swimmerzak: nor wud i want 2
Osbourne529: can i
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: no
Osbourne529: ok
Osbourne529: well heres my question to u
Osbourne529: if u like her SOOOOOOOO
Osbourne529: much
Osbourne529: then y dont u remember nething she told u about herself
Osbourne529: ????
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: because i wasnt paying attention then
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: you had to read the whole story
Osbourne529: dude ok
Osbourne529: if u werent paying attention u dont like her
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: you didnt read the story man
Osbourne529: if u like someone as much as u claim
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: its in there
Osbourne529: then u would have listened intently
Osbourne529: and remembered every word
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: at first i thought the same why you are right now
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: i thought she was way to young
Osbourne529: every sing worrd
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: but after it was all said and done
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: i realized i made a mistake
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: but it was already too late
Osbourne529: too late
Osbourne529: wtf
Osbourne529: its a girl that u have a crush on
Osbourne529: too late
Osbourne529: ya
Osbourne529: to late
Osbourne529: alright
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: just read the story
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: brb im playing a game
Osbourne529: ok post it
Osbourne529: i want the adress
Osbourne529: im gonna read the whole thing
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: i think
Osbourne529: can itell him plz
Auto response from fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: I am not available because I am playing a computer game that takes up the whole screen.

fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: no
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: dont man
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: i trusted you
Osbourne529: then trust me agian
Auto response from fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: I am not available because I am playing a computer game that takes up the whole screen.

Osbourne529: give up
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: i cant do that
Osbourne529: yes u can
Osbourne529: dude
Osbourne529: i like tim
Osbourne529: hes RIGHT
Osbourne529: its not just me
Osbourne529: he guessed that u were blowing it outa proportion but i didnt tell him about her being 12
Osbourne529: lol hes now looking on the web for something
Osbourne529: he wants to know badly
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: lol
Osbourne529: like real bad
Osbourne529: he even is looking for ur old website on freewebs hes good
Osbourne529: lol
Osbourne529: phone
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: lol
Osbourne529: wow
Osbourne529: he might find it
Osbourne529: honestly
Osbourne529: hes tellin me what hes searching and hes gettin close
Osbourne529: ill try to divert him
Osbourne529: hold on
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: dont
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: i deleted it
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: hahaha
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: let him search whatever
Osbourne529: lol
Osbourne529: haha
Osbourne529: im so rubbing it in his face
Osbourne529: hold on
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: lol
Osbourne529: lol
Osbourne529: if he swears not to make fun of u
Osbourne529: can i tell him
Osbourne529: i could scare him
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: no
Osbourne529: y not
Osbourne529: he just wants to know
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: he would
Osbourne529: no he wont
Osbourne529: if i tell him to be serious
Osbourne529: he says he freaked cuz u deleted it
Osbourne529: hes worried
Osbourne529: haha
Osbourne529: he has a heart
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: lol
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: yeah right
Osbourne529: and besides
Osbourne529: ur story didnt explain y
Osbourne529: so u better right no
Osbourne529: now
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: yeah it did
Osbourne529: no
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: at first i thought the same way you are thinking
Osbourne529: it said tim was with u
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: i thought she was too young
Osbourne529: right
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: so i didnt even listen to her
Osbourne529: right
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: but then afterwards
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: i changed my mind
Osbourne529: y
Osbourne529: tho
Osbourne529: if u dont care what other ppl think then y did u listen to tim
Osbourne529: y did u care what tim said
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: peer pressure
Osbourne529: y do u care if i tell roesner
Osbourne529: thats def, carring about what other ppl say
Osbourne529: i didnt
Osbourne529: dont worry but
Osbourne529: y
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: please just dont
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: i know rosener
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: so do you
Osbourne529: i know him a hell of alot better than u do
Osbourne529: he wont make fun of u if i tell him not to
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: i know him enough to know hell make fun of me forever
Osbourne529: ok im giving what u just posted to him
Osbourne529: i want to let him here it
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: ok
Osbourne529: swimmerzak: no, im only a dick in light situations. i can be serious
Osbourne529: thats true
Osbourne529: u know
Osbourne529: hes serious about woman
Osbourne529: women pardon my excellent grammer
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: please just dont man
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: im asking you as a friend
Osbourne529: zak
Osbourne529: wont
Osbourne529: say
Osbourne529: nething
Osbourne529: to
Osbourne529: offend
Osbourne529: u
Osbourne529: jeez
Osbourne529: look ive know u for like 12 yrs
Osbourne529: ok
Osbourne529: if tim is 16 and im telling u the same thing wouldnt u think we were right
Osbourne529: ???
Osbourne529: it sounds as tho he has a little more experience than u
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: hes only 16
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: normally id agree with you
Osbourne529: i thought age didnt matter
Osbourne529: ?
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: normally i would have never wanted to talk to her again
Osbourne529: well then act normal!!!
Osbourne529: do u think that shes the love of ur life
Osbourne529: is that what this is about
Osbourne529: ???
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: no
Osbourne529: then drop it
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: why do you care so much
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: let me be what i want
Osbourne529: cuz ur my friend
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: if your my friend then dont do tis
Osbourne529: and im honestly worried
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: this*
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: back me up
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: theres nothing to be worried about
Osbourne529: to use ur words i "normally would"
Osbourne529: but to put faith behind something like this
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: im not doing anything wrong man
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: youre going crazy
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: i dont understand what the big deal is
Osbourne529: it would be like me meeting a girl at philmont speaking to her for ten minitues and then never talking to her again
Osbourne529: coming home
Osbourne529: looking for her online
Osbourne529: so i can go to a city
Osbourne529: in a state i dont know which one it is
Osbourne529: when i cant drive
Osbourne529: and her being 11
Osbourne529: if u liked her this much
Osbourne529: then her parent being there wouldnt have mattered
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: you cant just walk up to a girl and talk to her when her parents are standing there
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: especially if youve never met them before
Osbourne529: at that is something i know for a fact
Osbourne529: yeah u can
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: its an unwritten law
Osbourne529: what do u think i do every time i go to kirties vball game
Osbourne529: her parents have no fing clue who i am
Osbourne529: and i stand ther for like 10 min after every game and talk to her
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: but you arent going to her say what i wanted to say to betsy
Osbourne529: what
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: just forget it man
Osbourne529: no
Osbourne529: tell me
Osbourne529: what did u want to know
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: youre going insane
Osbourne529: no
Osbourne529: u know what
Osbourne529: fine
Osbourne529: whatever u want
Osbourne529: if u like her then u like her
Osbourne529: obiviously
Osbourne529: what i say isnt going to make a difference
Osbourne529: im not going to mention this again
Osbourne529: have fun
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: thank you
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: god
Osbourne529: but know this
Osbourne529: ur taking this to far, im trying to help if u know its rong then dont, and thats all im gonna say
Osbourne529: and no
Osbourne529: im not going crazy over something little
Osbourne529: u would be doing this too, im sure of it
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: no
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: i would support you
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: thats what friends do
Osbourne529: support yes
Osbourne529: im supporting u
Osbourne529: but if it was just wrong
Osbourne529: id try and talk you out of it
Osbourne529: like lets say u were drinking, friends would support by not turning u into the cops, but also try to help u
Osbourne529: thats a bit bigger than this
Osbourne529: but its the same principle
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: no matter what i say youre not going to understand
Osbourne529: DITTO
Osbourne529: i understand that u like her, i understand that u dont know why i care that u do, and i get that u think that this shouldnt matter to me
Osbourne529: i get all that
Osbourne529: ok
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: then why are you turning it into a fight
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: let it go
Osbourne529: look
Osbourne529: u know what nvr mind
Osbourne529: just dont mention betsey to me again
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: my pleasure
Osbourne529: ill support whatever u want
Osbourne529: ur the man
Osbourne529: just say it and ill do it
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: thats not what im saying
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: im saying this isnt something to make a fight oger
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: over*
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: sure shes 12
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: but who really cares
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: i dont
Osbourne529: im not fighting with you
Osbourne529: my point is is that ur wasting ur time
Osbourne529: ok?
Osbourne529: thats it
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: whatever
Osbourne529: there are plenty of other ppl out ther
Osbourne529: and id like to point out that i tried to stop talking about it
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: i havent brought it up at all
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: you keep going with it
Osbourne529: yeah i do
Osbourne529: but thats not my point
Osbourne529: fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: thank you
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: god
Osbourne529: and besides
Osbourne529: if u say that
Osbourne529: im sure as hell going to keep going
Osbourne529: but u know what
Osbourne529: we have different views on this
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: yes
Osbourne529: and no matter what either one of us says to the other nothing is gonna change nehting
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: yes
Osbourne529: so lets talk about somehting else
fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj: ok
Osbourne529: just in closing let me say this and only this
Osbourne529: im here, ill always support what u do, but not with out giving some input, get used to it

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Come sail away with me
Come sail away, come sail away
Come sail away with me

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