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Default Re: Mc. Donalds. A killer?

Originally Posted by Se7en
Ok first of all, People need to start taking responibility for their own damc actions....They are always blaming someone else for their problems.

Common sense people, when you eat a burger with fries and a coke, it isn't going to be the healthiest thing on the market and people know that, but when their fat asses become even fatter, they point figures.

I remember a couple of years ago a group of teenagers decided to sue mcdonalds because it made them morbidly obese and that they did not know it made them fat.
Do you know what is so funny with that? These kids have been eating Mcdonalds EVERYDAY SUPESIZED, since they were 6 fucking years old....they were 15-16 at the time of the that means people...those idiots ate mcdonalds everyday for 9-10 yrs and then they are suprised when they can't lift their fat asses off the couch.
I honestly do not care if I sound harsh, but its the truth.

Believe it or no you can eat mcdonalds everyday and still be healthy and you know how that works? With something that people dont do anymore, all hey worry about is the latest die craze.
There is a football player( i cannot remember his name) he eats Mcdonalds everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner and he is healthy because he works it out of his system.

People are always blaming others? Mdonalds did not put a gun to your head and said that you better buy our product or we're gonna kill your family... People have choices.

I guess its easier to blame others than take responsibility

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