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Hi. I'm afraid I have developed an addiction to pornography. It started when I was about 11 and has continued ever since. I'm currently 16, soon to be 17 (in a month). I've masturbated at least once every day for the past 6 years and only recently have I really been trying to stop. I'm wondering if this could explain my depression and problems with relationships, as well as social issues. After masturbating roughly 2190 times, there has to be some physical problems that have developed. My dick is probably exhausted from the excessive masturbation and I'm trying to get some guidance. If I totally stop masturbating do you think my personality will change? I'm afraid I've ruined my personality. I always feel tired, and the temptations used to be extremely powerful. I don't enjoy masturbating either, it has now become this thing I do when I'm bored or when I get a sudden urge to feel a great orgasm. It's also turned into a selfish act, and I also think it can explain why I've got social problems when I talk to other peers my age; especially girls. I'm not ugly, I've been told I'm good looking and that I shouldn't have a problem getting girls, but I always feel depressed and sad for myself. I think it all has to do with my porn addiction. After masturbating for 6 years once every day, it isn't normal and there has to be some chemical inbalance which could explain why I don't feel good. Would masturbating help stop my depression and make me normal?
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