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Default Re: Mc. Donalds. A killer?

Originally Posted by basketballkid92
That's really disrespectful. Your saying that people that don't realize it's unhealthy should die. That's a dumb comment. And that everyone that eats it in general should die. Well If that happened over 99 million people would die. Think before you post.
If people are stupid enough to actually believe McDonalds isn't unhealthy then they should have to die from the consequences.

And yes people do have the choice to say no to McDonalds but druggies have a choice to say no to drugs and they don't. If they try to quit and drugs are around they're probably going to relapse. It's pretty much the same thing with fast food. It's hard to believe but people are actually addicted to it. Keeping it around them all the time is only going to make them want it more.
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