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Originally Posted by mr_smite1
Ye...So what i am thinkin about my sexuality. I am 15 and is bi-sexualality wrong? And i am worried what my m8s will find me different and i will become taunted. What shall i do?
If it makes you feel any better, I'm also 15 and I'm completely gay. I mean, I can recognise a good looking girl, but like I I'm not attracted sexually at all. I know it's really hard, I basically have like 2 lives, where I'm not "out" at school or to my family and I have a couple good friends who do know, and then there are other friends I have met online and stuff, and those are my "gay" friends. It's really so difficult, I'm a bit messed up that way but anyways, when it comes to telling your mates, i'm not sure you have to tell them anything...just be yourself and thats it!
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