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Default Re: I dont know what to do.

Originally Posted by popo93
Talk to your friend, he might understand, and talk to the girl, you need to remember her feelings in this, if she's happier with your friend then let things take their course, who knows, they might break up.
I agree with popo because ive been in a similar situation before and it hurts 2 see a girl u like with sum1 else. I think you should deffinately talk to the girl and tell her how you feel but also mention that you dont want it 2 break your friendship. Make sure she is happy when you tell her and you might get a good result as opposed to if you tell her wen shes unhappy. Anyway, with your best friend, it may b a good idea to tell him afterwards but make sure he is happy with you too. Make sure he doesnt feel that you are sayin it just for revenge but make sure you tell him nicely.

Hope this helps good luck with your friend and the girl of your dreams
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