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Default Re: Well, I said yes..finally

Originally Posted by c0mpu73rfr34k
Okay guys, last night on MSN a girl that likes me, and I like her back was brave enough to ask me out, but my parents were in my room so i kept it minimized, and by the time they were gone she was offline.. So i emailed her today because i can't go to school and told her I would go out with her, finally... Im sorta nervous about how people will react to it, and I dunno what to really do..

Any advice on how to start off when ur in a relationship (P.S This is my first serious relationship)
yeah i agree with activate...u shouldnt rush took me about 1 year to do more than kiss my girlfriend...i still thought that was kind of fast tho so i recomend you dont do wnything to sooon because as soon as your virginity's isn't coming bak so make sure you with the perfect girl
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