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Default Re: Hurting Penis Please Help...

Originally Posted by Ryan_J
ok, well you said it was when you're having sex...i need to ask what kind of sex this is, like wit a grrl, or boy, or oral sex, or what exactly it is....cause that would make the difference whether lube would help you out. But the one thing I would recommend for sure is a hydrocortisone cream, it's cheap and available easily, and has lots of other uses so no one will be suspicious if you buy it. Using this on the affected area will help, i'm pretty sure of it.
Thanks, I actually have some of that already lol. ANyway, it is having sex with a girl that it feels like that. Its kind of bad for me aswell sometimes because i dont want to tell her and i dont want 2 stop in the middle in case she feels as though she isnt good enough for me. But as i proceed longer and longer it hurts more and more so anyway, ill deffnately try the hydrocortizone. Thanks
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