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Default Re: Hurting Penis Please Help...

Originally Posted by Ryan_J
When you masturbate normally, does your foreskin move fully back, or is it tight? It's possible that your incident when you were younger caused a small bit of scarring when it healed, and scar tissue is not as flexible as regular skin so that might cause some extra tightness(?) Otherwise, like my foreskin is also quite tight and doesn't like to move over the head much when erected, but it doesn't actually cause me any pain. Let me know, and we can try and work through this!
its loose because wen i had the 'incident' the doc sed to me 2 pull it bk every now wnd again 2 loosen it n its fine now but the only problem is wen im having sex it pulls back to far and I can feel the pain underneath (np. the litlle bit that connects the foreskin to the shaft underneath)
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