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Default Re: Puberty In general

Originally Posted by skittlesV1
sorry i cant even read what you write try to type like a normal person
Well try reading it over a few times instead of noticing his spelling and grammar is atrocious and scrolling right to the bottom and saying that he needs to type better, eh? While typing poorly is annoying this wasn't that bad plus if you had read the posters about you you could have gotten the gist of it even if you still couldn't understand for the life of you.


I don't think your too late actually. Your definately pretty tall for 14 so you have probably had a growth spirt and not realized it. Unless your voice is the same as a child (5-8) your voice is maturing and you don't realize it either just because it's going a little slower for you. Also penis is growing fine (you can start breathing again ) How is the hair in various places and the *ahem* plumbings primary function's status at this point if you don't mind me asking?

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