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Default I think I have problem, but I'm not sure what to call it

I have this best friend, but she's not really a good friend. She always tells me how I'm fat, ugly, disgusting, boring. I try not to take it to heart, but it hurts and sometimes at night, I remember the bad things people say to me (not just her), and I cry. Sometimes I scratch my wrists or punch the wall just to feel pain, sometimes I wonder what people will think when I'm dead or how I wold feel to actually cut my wrists.

I don't seriously consider this, but I always think of it.

But this all started way before her, and I think it was in the 2nd grade when I used to watch my dad hit my mom. He doesn't do that anymore, and he's in a nother country, so THANK GOD. Sometimes, I wish for a real father figure to come into my life, but not anymore.
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