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Question conmplicated...

hey, i just finished my freshman year and let me tell you it was quite a year...

so i started out at a school where i knew very few people, and didnt have very many friends. well about a month into it i hear that the most popular sophmore in our school has a thing for me, i didnt do anything to date her or whatever because she completely intimadated me and i was extremely neverous around her. despite all of that we forced awkward conversation and she brought up something about a really cute freshman girl thought up as a slut of liking me. i never heard that but to impress her i basically said she was obsessed with me and stuff, and in effect the really popular girl said really mean stuff about her and it got around. well now the two girls are on the same club volleyball team and im afraid that its possible that when they are talking my name will be brought up and then both of them will not like me. around christmas me and the sophmore girl stopped talking so even if she does find out i acted completely fake around her i wouldnt know. any advice?
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