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Default Waiting.

She Was Just Waiting For Them To See, She's A Mess.
But They'll Never See Whats In Front Of Their Eyes, Everyday Less And Less.
Searching Waiting For Someone To See.
They Wont Ever See ALL Of Me.
If You Ask Me A Question I Promise I'll Lie.
If You Tell Me To Leave I'll Say Goodbye.
Just Tell Me You Dont Want Me And I'll Be Gone.
Because It Was Always Too Hard For You Too See Whats Wrong.
I Needed You To Stop Me, But No One Came.
Regret You Know, Can Drive A Person Insane.
If You Knew Me As Well As You Say You Do,
You Would Know Not To Trust Me Becuase I'll Lie To You.
You'll Never See Me Rest.
Not One Moment To Catch My Breath.
Because If I Stop To Think
Self Pity Takes Over And Like A Brick In Water, I'll Sink.

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