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Default Re: what will you do? [males only]

i agree wit mr smite...u deff need to speak 2 that guy and talk 2 ur girlfriend privately to see what is really going on. If she lets him do it with permission, then you dont need a girl like her because if she had that much respect for you, she wouldnt let him do it. If he is doing it without permision...i recomend you comfront him with no fear and ask him about the situation. Remember there is two sides to every story and you should always believe the one you trust. How old are you, by the way, because if your girlfriend is under the age of consent and she is not wanting him to touch her, i reccomend seeking help from the police or at least a hepline. One i would recomend is 0800 1111. They are there to help and listen to all your queries. Good luck!!
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