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Quite a few have seen mine. i cant see the point in being shy it just makes you anxious.

1. my exbest friend when i got out the shower-he tried it on with me and i said NO.
2. my cousin(who is 5years younger then me) when i was getting changed, who seemed amased at the size LOL
3. my running partner and i often have a shower at his house after a run and clean each others backs.
4. Many of the people in the years below me at school often look when im having a piss but i dont care.
5. Everyone in the changing room at my gym.
6. A few weeks back after a charity run me and my running partner had a shower in the lower school (the only shower in the school) and a load off 8year olds came in as we where drying off. The funny thing is my running friend is called Will and the kids where laughing because i was calling him Willy
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