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Default Re: What does she want?

The teachers havent called our parents because both our Mums already know about us. Her Mum is great about it and mine is OK about it now but there are other issues there.

The thing is now that when she texts me in the morning (i sometimes text her first tho) to see how i am and stuff and i ask about how she is, she tells me stuff about whats happening, so i say something back to try and be supportive and she sends a stropy text back because iv got the wrong end of the stick. I just really can't win because i feel a right bastard if i dont try and be supportive but if i misunderstand her texts and reply then she gets moody.

What do i do;
1. do i lay down the law and say ''look when you say things about my situation that arent right i dont have a go at you, so why do you take it out on me''
2. do i wait untill after the exams finish (on Monday) and talk to her about it.
3. do i offer more support beeing as she thinks im the only person who really knows her and understands her and gently tell her not to have a go at me anymore.

any suggestions?
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