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I hope this is the right place to post this.

Anyway I was stuck in a car for 12 hours and I got to thinking about... well, everyting. When ive got nothing to do my mind races.

So I thought, as I was looking at my hands, what is this body, but a vessel, a tool? I can use it, and tone it, just as I can use and perfect a screwdriver, a car, an airplane, a computer. But it is also like a cage. Everything I do is constrained to this body, this mind.
But then, if I was not constrained to this body, then what would I be? I see the body as not only a tool but a way to keep my conscience, my soul, bound to this Earth. My body is feuled by food, which in turn keeps my organs running which allows my body to be used to my liking but also feuls my mind and my conscience with hormones and emotions. We are (humans) the only beings on this earth capable of original thought, of communication, creativity, and yet the emotions that feul our desires to create, expand, explore nad become more than we already are are created by our body, scientifically they do not originate in our souls or consicencesnes, but in our brains, secreting chemicals that tell us what we want.
Love is such a trivial thing. If all desire is is hormones in our brain telling us that we want contact with the opposite sex, then does love exsist when we no longer belong to this world? What is there, after we have departed from the shell of our bodies? We spend our whole lives dependent on these hormones and emotions, but what is it that our soul truely feels, what emotions are really us, and which of them are just our body's need to survive and breed?

Is is possible that we can in fact become so deeply in love with one person that it is no longer simply our body telling us thats what we feel, but rather our soul, the real us, free of all boundries and influences of our earthly body that knows we love them?
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