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Default Re: DO I have ADD or ADHD?

Originally Posted by jaythunder
Hey Im Jordan and Im 13 and some of my friends think i have it, like In class i NEVER pay attention, when the teacher mentions one word or i see something colorful or interesting or anything, im like gone, not there, with my jaw dropped down to the floor. When its time to read in class, I never do, i cant. Or like sometimes when im looking for something, i see something else and forget all about what i was lookin for and go on to something totally different. Or when my moms asking me if i did something like mow the lawn, pack my bag for going to my dads house, take my inhailer, i just tone her out subconsciously and just say yes, and then when she gets mad at me for not doing the task, she tells me that she told me to do it, and i tell her i dont remember her saying that, cause i never do. lol. or, how about when Im always hyper, always talking, around my friends sometimes yelling not being able to control it. And when im in class i talk to my self and say stuff like, "No Jordan thats not how you answer this question" like im some other person, I'd say more things, but I dont want to waste too much of your time, thats nearly it i think. TMB bye.
oh yeah and its REALY HARD to pay attention. so when im drawing or staring at a wall the teacher asks me a question and i say "I dunno" annnnnd when theres work to be done, i just sit there and stare at it, and not do it, but most of the time in math (which i really hate) i do that for ten minuets, and then i say to myself outloud "well i better getorking, no sence sitting there staring at it." please reply bye
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