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Default Re: Windows Vista is PUBLIC!

I used to prefer KDE over Gnome. But, it seems as of recently Gnome has been running better. Maybe when KDE 4 is released. And, when more effort is put into Kubuntu, as has been with Ubuntu. It just seems that they're not putting as much time into it.

I'll try installing the Kubuntu part of it onto my Ubuntu once I recieve my CDs I ordered. I don't have the patience to download 550 meg right now to install the KDE part. It'd take forever.

Gentoo is okay. I'd be nice if Ubuntu had a i686 or K7 build though. It's all i386, whereas Gentoo is i686 (I believe). More optimized. Although, Ubuntu has gotten a LOT faster on my computer recently.

I have a recently Gentoo Live CD which is supposed to allow me to install it. But, apparently they didn't spend enough time with the live installer, and it doesn't work. Sometimes it gets farther then others, but it never finishes. If that worked, I'd have a better opinion of it. I'm too lazy to try to figure out the regular installer. I used Kororaa, which I'm assuming is basically the same since it's based off Gentoo. Which, I liked quite a bit, until Ubuntu Dapper fixed the slowness I was getting before and the ATI drivers got update to support Xorg 7.

- Bill
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