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Arrow Re: I think i'm Bi-Polar

Look, I didn't care if people told me I was a teacher's pet. It's just another lable that really doesn't mean anything. Only you know whether you're a teacher's pet or not. No matter what people say, it's not true.

Take VT for example. I don't think I'm a Gmod's or Admin's pet. Sure, one person thought I was a suckup to the mods. But I was just asking a person do not do something that annoyed me. People take things the wrong way every day. But that doesn't mean it has to be a big deal because that's only one person. If a whole bunch of other people think you're a teacher's pet, it's still not that big of deal. It's not like even acting gay -.-

See, teachers are kind of like moderators on this site. They are there because they have knowledge of what's in that forum (i.e history teachers, orchestra teachers ect or puberty mods ect). If something is going wrong and annoys you or is against the site rules you can report them and/or PM the mod. Teachers are there because that's their job. No matter what another person says, it's the teachers job to deal with problems that are happening in the classroom their teaching and watching over.

Just like moderators.

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