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I still never get these "WYSIWYG" terms But I agree with Kiros that it's actually easier to click the quick reply button, because it does automatically scroll down to the box.
Oh, and also, I probably don't know some of your terms Kiros because I don't know what Avant is

Anyway, back to the quick reply. I was resistant on how to use it because I didn't know which post to click on. Then I thought, I'm going to click the button in the post that the body of my messege is going to be about. Let's take the VT photo sticky. Today I clicked Heather's messege because I agreed with her, and then I said something about Cody's picture.

If I'm really really lazy n.n or I'm really stuck on which post to reply to, I'll just click the post reply button (or if I'm replying to the topic in general).

Lastly, I was also resistant of using the quick reply because I thought Kiros wanted to force us to use the threaded or hybrid mode I still use leniar.
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