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Originally Posted by ?????
Hi there i have a few problems and i wonder if you guys can help me out.

1) when my Penis is errect and i am mastarbating, I get this clear sticky liquid from it and it comes out slow ( Doesnt like spit out ) i am 15 going on 16 later this year.

2) I have hardley any pubic hair anyway, especially my legs

3) My voice hasent broke

4) My foreskin comes back only when my penis IS NOT errected.

5) My nipples are still smallish

Please i Need Advice
1. Probably pre-cum, unless you have an orgasm as it comes out.

2. Sorry dude, but you're just a late bloomer and will have to wait. BTW, you don't grow pubes on your legs.

3. I'm 15 and I'm still waiting for a manly voice.

4. That just means you aren't circumsized, and it'd be weirder if it did.

5. Your nipples don't change during puberty, methinks, so.. don't worry.

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