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Default Re: Why me?! Disney Cruise nightmare...

Originally Posted by pinkcar
I think you have just got to hold on to that 1 in a million chance that you can find a way of contacting her. i am really sorry for you. im sure you feel really shit, knowing that you could have gone and spoken to her and got some way of contacting her

--im just uploading an .mp3 of that long story
Thanks... This really weird thing happened to me... It's a pretty strange coincidence. We were driving home from the airport today, and my sister said something like, "Look at that pink car!" I remembered "pink car" from somewhere, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I got home and logged onto VT to post this story, and I saw your name on the online users list and I felt like you might be able to help me. Weird. Anyway, thanks to you, I know I'm not going totally crazy over this girl, and I'm not giving up that tiny scrap of hope I have left of finding her.

Originally Posted by c0mpu73rfr34k
Ok man, I am surpised i actually read that entire story, and while reading It i realised how lucky I am to have Heather in my home town, because i think i like her the same way u liked Betesy..

Anyways, Im really sorry to hear that you never even got to talk to her, but that is usually the way it happens. That story actually touched me.. I feel sad right now. First time i have felt sad in a long time. First off i want to thank you for your time to type that amazing story, I loved that story, I think I will save it.. Done. I am stumped on what to say, as im sure Andrew was too Because that story is just too great to even begin to touch on, From reading it I really want to meet you even more, and i would LOVE to talk to you on MSN about anything. If you got MSN, YIM, AIM, or Xfire, please PM me your username, and i will be happy to talk to you about this entire subject if you would like that. And wow, that story was truely touching as Andrew said already.. And again I am sorry, and i actually mean this, because i feel for you. First time i have ever really felt for anyone this much.. Wow...

Remember PM me if u got MSN, and if you dont pleaeeease get it, my username is [email protected]

Yours Truly,
On AIM my screen name is fdfdfdfdfdfdfdfj, (I couldn't think of a name XD) and my MSN user name is [email protected]. I'd love to talk to you about this... I really need some cheering up right now.

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